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Grace Health’s Outreach Workers makes it easy to find health insurance for you and your family. By completing an application with one of them, you can find out if you or anyone in your household is eligible for Medicaid, KCHIP, payment assistance, or special discounts. There is year-round continuous enrollment for Medicaid and KCHIP. The new open enrollment period for payment assistance plans is November 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018. 

You can get help filling out an application at any of our locations. Certified Application Counselors and In-Person Assistors are a part of the team at Grace and are happy to help assist our patients and community members in gaining access to affordable healthcare.  Contact your local Outreach Worker today to see if you are eligible based on income guidelines.

Carol Adkins (606) 594-4889

Kathy Oller (606) 595-7626

Mike Wynn (606) 515-8843

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What to bring to your appointment

To qualify for health care coverage you must be a U.S. citizen or national, cannot currently be in prison, and must provide proof of income. When you are ready to fill out your application, make sure you have:

  • Names, birthdates, and social security numbers for everyone living in the household
  • Proof of income such as wage stubs, tax returns, or award letters
  • Expense Information such as school tuition and fees, alimony, or student loan interest