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Board of Directors

The administrative authority for the operation of Grace Health is provided by a voluntary Board of Directors. A unique feature of Grace Health’s Board of Directors is that a majority of its members are either patients or clients who are current users of FQHC’s services. The remaining members serve as constituent representatives for the different communities in which Grace Health operates a Health Center. These individuals are selected for their expertise in health care, community affairs, local government, banking and finance, legal affairs, social services, trade unions and other commercial and industrial concerns.

In order to maintain a dynamic membership, recruitment for the Board of Directors is ongoing. The Term of Office for members of the Board of Directors is two (2) years.

In addition to monthly meetings, Board Members are also expected to participate in at least one annual Strategic Planning/Training Board Retreat.

Excellent training is provided to Board Members in a number of interesting venues. The National Association of Community Health Centers provides workshops and “Boot Camps” for new board members at annual meetings and conferences. The Kentucky Primary Care Association also sponsors periodic specialized trainings.

If you’re interested in serving on the Grace Health Board of Directors, please contact our Administrative offices as listed below.


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